Welcome!   The Fiesta de las Flores was organized by innovative LULAC members in El Paso, Texas who strongly believed that education is the foundation for the cultural growth and development of our community and this nation; that we are obligated to promote, protect and assure the right of our children to the highest educational fiesta de las floresprinciples and standards available; that we must deplore any infringements of this right wherever it may occur and regardless of whom it may affect. The leadership of The Fiesta de las Flores created a comprehensive and innovative art and culture festival. Their focus was excellence in all its endeavors to provide excitement, enjoyment and education for artists and audiences alike.

The rich and diverse Hispanic and Latino culture and traditions, as well, as the beauty of the arts and wealth of talent that has enhanced the quality of life in our region has provided and is the nucleus for a continuing successful cultural event. The Fiesta de la Flores has been the catalyst that has encouraged and motivated our children not only to stay in school but to seek higher education. For young Latino families and their children, exposure to the finest national and international performers, as well as, the local and regional artists has brought pride in their culture and heritage.

For over fifty years the focus has been to provide the finest in entertainment and enjoyment at the largest cultural celebration in the southwest. The ultimate goal is to expand the annual Fiesta De Las Flores and present cultural events that celebrate the unique regional attributes of our Hispanic heritage.

30th Annual Fiesta De Las Flores Celebrity Golf Tournament

Sat. June 22 at Ft Bliss Golf Course

For More Information Please call

  • Nicolas Dominguez (915) 539-1804  or at ndominguez2020@gmail.com